Rebeka Sipma


Rebeka is a 4th year medical student in the process of applying for neurology residency. She currently serves as president and previously served as secretary. She most enjoys the community education events since they offer the opportunity to connect with people, to correct misconceptions about stroke and to answer questions about healthcare.

Jeff Meyers

Vice President

Jeff is a third year medical student. He worked as a registered nurse prior to entering medical school. He is interested in Neurology, especially movement and neuromuscular disorders. Jeff functions as the Vice President for the Super Stroke Team and is passionate about educating patients and the general community in things that will help increase quality and quantity of life.

Jennifer Pauldurai

Community Events Director

Jennifer is a fourth year medical student applying for Adult Neurology residency positions this year. She loves neurology because the brain makes you who you are, and it is one of the most intricate control systems in the universe. She want to spend the rest of her life studying the brain and how best to help those with brain disease. She has the privilege of being the Community Events Director of the SUPER Stroke Team which involves contacting San Bernardino community members and organizing informational events to promote stroke awareness.

Tori Burghart


Tori is a second year medical student.  She is interested in two specialties: Psychiatry and Neurology. She is very excited about getting other students involved with stroke education! She understands that increasing public awareness and awareness among non-neurologist physicians could have a huge impact on the treatment of stroke in our community. 

Jonathan Baker


Jonathan is a 4th year medical student. He is applying to neurology and currently thinking about specializing in stroke. As one of the educators of the Super Stroke Team, his role is to provide useful information that members can carry with them in the community as they help raise awareness about the SUPER Stroke Team and neurology as a whole. He believes that prevention is just as important as treatment. By sharing information about stroke signs and symptoms in an easily understandable, readily available format we can make a huge impact in the lives of those around us.

Paul Gilbert

Event Coordinator

Paul is a first year medical student, and the event coordinator for the SUPER Stroke Team. He is currently leaning towards specializing in either Neurology or Radiology. He finds teaching people in the community about the signs and symptoms of a stroke is rewarding, especially when you can get people interested and asking their own questions.

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